The evolution of harnessing water power through hydraulics dates back as early as the use of irrigation in Mesopotamia. Today, custom hydraulics systems are used virtually everywhere, from “lowrider” cars to space shuttles.

Modern hydraulic design has been a revolutionary factor in all manner of machinery. And the experts at R & N Hydraulics are at the forefront of that revolution, offering custom hydraulics as well as being a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

Here are a few examples of how hydraulics have changed the world:

1 Hydraulic design often is used in heavy equipment like log splitters. You can find the simplest hydraulics systems in log splitters, including the hydraulic pump, engine, hydraulic cylinders, various valves and hydraulic pistons.

2 Perhaps one of the most impressive uses of hydraulics is seen in the NASA shuttle. Its two rocket boosters are instrumental during the first two minutes of powered flight, providing about 83 percent of liftoff propulsion.

3 A more down-to-earth use of custom hydraulics is found in lowrider vehicles. The hydraulic systems installed in these cars make them hop around by raising and lowering them.

4 Heavy-duty machines at construction and excavation sites also use hydraulic design. An excavator may weigh around 30 tons, but can move around and carry two tons of mud with ease. Motors for its tracks and for swinging its huge arm run on hydraulic systems.

5 Another vehicle that we often see is the garbage dump truck, which uses all the hydraulic components. In addition, hydraulic design is used in mechanical wheel chairs to push the wheel chair forward. It’s used for aircraft landing gears to push the wheels out when landing the plane as well.

The experts at R & N have earned a leading reputation among original equipment manufacturers who seek the optimum combination of performance, reliability, value and responsiveness. Today, R&N’s products are found everywhere on machines.

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