Attention fleet managers: You can’t afford to wait on vital hydraulic services for your machines. They drive your business, literally, whether it be construction, logging, material handling, or any of the vast applications for hydraulic-powered equipment.

If you’re experiencing slow turnaround, let a reputable Arkansas hydraulics company provide the solution.

Let’s narrow down hydraulic systems for the construction industry only. Within this one field, fleet managers often require several hydraulic machines for one project. We’ll focus on two, backhoe hydraulics and bulldozer hydraulics.

  • Backhoe loaders (or just “backhoes”) are used for various jobs, sometimes as the only piece of heavy equipment. They can perform an astounding amount of work, primarily due to the hydraulic systems powering them. A proficient operator can excavate a 5-foot-deep, 10-foot-long ditch in under 15 minutes. Each cylinder piston in the arm of a D-Series Caterpillar, for example, has a 70,000-pound force.
  • In addition to construction, bulldozers are used for mines and quarries, military bases, heavy industry factories, farms, and more. Crawlers are equipped with substantial blades for pushing large amounts of dirt, sand, rubble, etc. Usually used for projects requiring highly mobile, powerful, and stable earth-moving equipment, bulldozers are powered by many hydraulic systems. The hydraulic motors for the tracks provide just one example.

Why Choose R & N Hydraulics?

1 In addition to vast knowledge of the above-named machinery, we are just as knowledgeable of all hydraulic systems. We provide solutions for virtually any hydraulic need, as we have unparalleled expertise, machinery, and technicians on-site.

2 Versatility is a key factor in an efficient hydraulics company, and you’ll find it at R & N, particularly because custom hydraulic design is our specialty. Our in-house engineer will make sure your custom order (small or bulk) is filled quickly and accurately.

3 We have thousands of parts in stock, including connection pieces, bushings, o-rings, and seals, with customization available.

4 With 35 years of experience, our staff performs repairs in our facility – with fast turnaround times –including repacking, resealing, and rebuilding.

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