Hydraulic repairs are a necessity for machinery with hydraulic systems, which are used in virtually every facet of modern industry, such as construction and agriculture.

While our team at R & N Hydraulics, Inc., provides a variety of hydraulic services, we recommend putting a permanent and consistent preventative, or proactive, maintenance (PM) schedule in place. The results are sure to show in your company’s bottom line.

We can help guide you with the knowledge and tools to develop your schedule — because preventing problems today can save you time and money tomorrow.

1 Think about your PM schedule in terms of a discipline, which must be followed as such to obtain the desired results. An effective PM program should be viewed as performance oriented, versus activity oriented. Many companies have impeccable plans, but don’t require employees to follow them or don’t hold them accountable.

2 All program steps and procedures must be accurate and understandable by all maintenance personnel — from entry to master level. The procedures must be part of the job plan that includes special equipment or tools required for the job, parts and materials required, safety precautions and environmental concerns or potential hazards.

3 Lack of maintenance of hydraulic systems is the leading cause of component and system failure. A properly executed PM schedule provides the key support that a system requires to operate to its full potential and life cycle.

4 It also allows you to control your company’s hydraulic systems, thus allowing you to control when maintenance is performed and how much to spend as well. Changing your focus from reactive to proactive has the potential to eliminate unscheduled hydraulic failure. And let’s face it — a breakdown simply costs more.

Of course, if the damage already is done, R&N’s services include hydraulic piston repairs and cylinder repairs and replacements, among others. Repairs are performed by staff members with more than 50 years of experience behind them.

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