Servicing your own equipment is an excellent way to keep expenses to a minimum. But that requires being well informed and having the right tools. When you’re ready to tackle a hydraulic cylinder repair job, don’t forget these tips to save time and money.

1 If you’re disassembling the cylinder to replace seals, don’t waste a perfect opportunity to do a thorough inspection of all the parts. Check the rod for cracking at all cross sections and look for any pitting or scoring. If the finish is not uniform all the way around, it could indicate that the rod is bent and needs to be replaced.

2 Don’t forget a wear band or guide bush when doing hydraulic cylinder service. Make the most out of your equipment’s down time.

3 Frequently replacing seals can indicate bigger problems, and fixing those issues will become more expensive the longer they’re not addressed. When the piston seal goes missing, check the barrel closely for a bulge; when the rod seal fails prematurely, the rod is probably bent.

4 Beware of using the closest screwdriver available. Metal tools can nick the seals or scratch the finish of the shaft and render all your repair efforts useless.

5 Be careful – larger cylinders can contain high tension springs that assist operation. They could be dangerous if you’re inexperienced or not prepared.

6 When you’re ready to order seals, don’t just measure the old ones. They can shrink or swell during operation. Or worse – some shade tree mechanic could have installed the wrong one last time. Always measure the seal grooves for best results.

The success of your job depends on the reliability of your equipment. When that machine needs hydraulic service or repair, it’s good to know when to handle problems yourself and when to call R & N Hydraulics. Distinguishing between the two is the mark of an experienced equipment owner. If you ever have a doubt, it’s best to call the professionals. That’s more time on the job and money in your pocket, because we fix the cause of the issue and not just the problem.

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