When you’re under a deadline to get the job done, hydraulic system failure can be your worst nightmare. But while you may have to drop everything to replace hydraulic seals, for example, rushing any repair may have severe consequences.

At R & N Hydraulics, Inc., we understand the headaches that come with these types of repairs. However, we hope you’ll take a moment to consider important safety tips for hydraulic seal and other system repairs.

Common injuries from repairing hydraulic systems include burns from very hot, high-pressure fluid, injuries from flailing hydraulic lines, and hydraulic injection of fluid into the body. Here are some preventative measures you can take:

1 When trying to detect small leaks, run a piece of cardboard or wood along the hose (not your fingers).

2 Never connect a high-pressure pump to a low-pressure system. By the same token, a low-pressure component, hose or fitting should not be used in a high-pressure system.

3 Maintain, clean and test pressure-relief valves regularly to avoid dangerous pressure buildups.

4 Check for oil leaks and worn hoses.

5 Keep contaminants away from hydraulic oil, and replace filters regularly.

6 Oil cylinder rods with protective lubricant to avoid rusting.

According to the Fluid Power Safety Institute, less than 1 percent of hydraulic systems comply with national safety standards for lockout with respect to de-energization and verification. In other words, people commonly “crack” connectors and release stored energy when working on hydraulic systems. This can result in severe, debilitating injury or death.

For other helpful information, Tractor Supply Company offers “Hydraulics 101 for Beginners.”

R & N has thousands of hydraulic seal kits in stock, and we’re experts on seal replacement and repair. We also design and manufacture custom hydraulic systems and perform other hydraulic repairs.

Our professionals, working out of R & N’s hydraulic cylinder repair shop, have been in the business 30-plus years. We take safety just as seriously as getting the job done right for our customers — each and every time. Call us at 501-847-2816, or click here for more information. Walk-ins are always welcome.