Hydraulics are well known for their ability to get the job done –- heavy jobs, dirty jobs, and…your jobs. Business owners tempted to upgrade their equipment with newer technologies are hard pressed to find a better return on their investment than a hydraulic system. Here are just a few of the reasons hydraulics are the right choice for you.

  • Hydraulics are ideal for extreme heat environments where components of other systems fail
  • Hydraulics eliminate the need for complex mechanical linkages
  • Hydraulic systems provide smooth, continuous motion at a fixed rate
  • Hydraulics have a superior load bearing capacity in relation to size
  • Hydraulics are capable of even distribution of force in multiple directions
  • Hydraulics have a low loss factor over long distances
  • Hydraulics provide stable high pressure for the duration of extended in-use cycles

Business owners can be misinformed about the amount of maintenance and repair hydraulic systems require. Inflated estimates of labor or special hydraulic cylinder repair tools make fluid power seem cost prohibitive. In reality, tools and hydraulic cylinder repair parts are usually readily available and reasonably priced from reputable, local suppliers. The bottom line is that hydraulic systems – dollar for dollar – offer your business greater longevity, durability, and reliability than comparable alternatives.

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