When it comes to hydraulic cylinder repair, you’ll find no better partner than a company among the top in the industry since 1979. While many repairs can be performed in-house, when the job requires more expertise it’s imperative to rely on a dependable and reputable team to get your machine quickly up and running at optimum performance.

With each hydraulic repairman on our team possessing specialized skills, R & N Hydraulics can take care of all your fleet’s needs – from preventative/routine maintenance to rebuilding custom-designed systems. Our staff has more than 50 years of experience.

Being one of the most comprehensive cylinder seal kit suppliers also enhances our capabilities.

In our effort to provide superior services, we also try to educate. Here are a few guidelines for common cylinder repairs:

1 Closely inspecting components, especially seals, after disassembly often reveals problems that otherwise could go unnoticed.

2 In the case of eroded, very distorted, or missing piston seals (indicating oversized or bulged barrel), the barrel or complete cylinder should be replaced. Replacing the piston seal without replacing the barrel should be a short-term solution only.

3 If you have badly distorted rod seals, it usually means the rod is bent or the guide bush excessively worn. In either case, failure is inevitable from the weight of the rod riding on the seal. Replacing the rod seal alone is a short-term fix as well.

4 Don’t use your old seals to order new ones. They can shrink or swell during use, or your machine could have had the wrong seal installed previously. Instead, measure all seal grooves and provide the information to your seal supplier.

5 When preparing to perform any repair, first consider the extent to which the cylinder is damaged or worn – it may need replacing – and whether your shop is equipped to handle the job.

If you require help, Arkansas’ hydraulics experts provide the best in hydraulic cylinder repair, supply, and custom design work. Call R & N today at 501-847-2816, or contact us online for more information.