Over time, hydraulic equipment takes a real beating. While the cylinders themselves are relatively simple, it is vital that any repairs be done correctly. A bad repair job can result in damaged or destroyed equipment and injuries or fatalities to anyone working nearby.

This simple, three step process can be started in your facility to have you up and running as quickly as possible:

  • Disassembly – In a suitable location, with plenty of workspace and the proper tools, open the cylinder ports, drain the fluid, remove the cylinder cover, remove the piston and lay all the parts out where they can be examined.
  • Diagnosis – Check the piston rod for damage, the cylinder bore for scratches, and the seals for leakage.
  • RepairSeal replacement can be accomplished by a mechanic familiar with hydraulics. However, if the shaft of the piston rod is bent or the bore is scratched, it’s best to have a full service repair facility take it from there.

Whether you attempt a repair in-house or send the damaged part out for repair, it is critical to be certain the repair is done by someone with the knowledge and experience needed to repair hydraulic cylinders.

R&N Hydraulics has been in the hydraulic cylinders repair business for over 35 years as a leading provider in both repair and the production of new hydraulic cylinders.

At R&N Hydraulics, we have thousands of seal kits in stock ready to ship to your location or for you to pick up at our Bryant, AR facility. If the damage requires the services of a repair facility, our Cylinder Repair Shop is fully equipped to do the job and have you back up and running in no time.

Come see us at our Bryant, AR facility, give us a call at 501-847-2816, or contact us online via our website and we’ll show you why R&N Hydraulics has been Central Arkansas’ most trusted name in hydraulic cylinder manufacture and repair since 1979.