Hydraulic maintenance is a major priority when it comes to keeping your fleet working hard – and in peak condition so machines stay in it for the long haul. This is true for many reasons, one being that hydraulic systems are present in so many types of machinery that they play a vital role in our everyday lives, despite the average person perhaps not giving them much thought.

Fleet managers, on the other hand, afford these systems much consideration. And regardless of what application they’re used for, there is no substitute for affordable, timely, and reliable hydraulic services.

Here’s a brief overview of equipment powered by hydraulics:
  • These systems are commonly used in stationary (industrial) and off-highway (mobile) machinery. They are especially handy when great force or torque is required: lifting loads that weigh tons; crushing rock and solid metal; and, moving massive amounts of dirt, for example.
  • Technological advances like the addition of electronic controls and sensors have occurred in recent decades. This has resulted in machinery that is more precise and efficient, faster, and longer-lasting.
  • Probably the most common application, off-highway equipment, achieves power and control through hydraulics. These machines are used in construction, mining, agriculture, waste reduction, utility equipment, and much more.
Hydraulic systems play a crucial role in these machines, providing many benefits:

1 Motors have a higher horsepower-to-weight ratio.

2 Spark-free and tolerant to high temperatures, they are safer in hazardous environments.

3 Hydraulic motors also produce high torque at low rotational speeds without overheating, unlike their electric counterparts.

4 One hydraulic air compressor or pump is capable of powering many cylinders, motors, or other actuators.

5 These systems eliminate the need for complex mechanical trains of gears, chains, belts, cams, and linkages.

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