When your equipment is down due to a broken or leaking hydraulic cylinder, you need a timely and professional service to get back up and running. Utilizing a professional to repair hydraulic cylinders is a cost-saving and time-effective method to get your equipment back in service. There are several companies in town offering hydraulic services, and this article is written to help you figure out where to take your cylinder for repair.

You basically have three options when it comes to hydraulic repair. You can do it yourself, get a neighbor or friend to do it, or hire a professional. Let’s dive into the details of each of your options to help you make an informed decision:

1 Do-It-Yourself Repair. Many times, a hydraulic cylinder leaks due to one or more faulty seals. With a little bit of mechanic in your nature, you should be able to handle this job yourself. R & N carries an extensive inventory of seal kits — contact us, buy the seal kit, and install it yourself. The pitfall to this method is that the root cause of the seal failure often goes undetected, ultimately leading to the failure of the new seals in a short period of time.

2 Repair by a Neighbor or Friend. You might know a guy who works on hydraulic cylinders out of his garage and use him to repair a hydraulic cylinder. This can be cost effective in the short-term, but many of these guys doing hydraulic repair as a side-job lack the equipment and training to get the job done right the first time. This can lead to repeated failure of the cylinder and unsatisfactory results. Hydraulic cylinders have very low tolerances and are best serviced by a professional.

3 Professional Hydraulic Repair. This is a better option than do-it-yourself or having your neighbor perform repairs. The benefits of using professional hydraulic services are peace of mind, timely delivery, and perfect repair. Sometimes, this may be your only option, depending on the circumstances. If the cylinder needs to be bored out or the piston needs to be honed to remove scratches, this is your only option. Also, you’ll be rest assured that the repair shop can fix your hydraulic cylinder, because they have all the right tools and parts to do the work, as well as a team of professionals who service and repair hydraulics every single day.

If you are replacing seals and need a hydraulic seal kit, call R & N for a free price quote. We have every seal that you would ever need in inventory right here at our shop off I-30 in Bryant, Arkansas. Should you have a need for professional hydraulic services, look no further, as R & N is the industry leader for hydraulic repair.

Contact us at 501-847-2816 or fill out our online form for more information. As always, we invite you to our shop for all of your hydraulic repair needs.