Whether you experience equipment failure or just need to do maintenance on your hydraulic system, R & N Hydraulics offers the largest selection of seals and kits available in Arkansas. When you’re ready to make your purchase, we have some tips to help you get the most out of every dollar you spend.

1 The options for hydraulic seals have benefited from the increase in usage of hydraulics. Manufacturers have used technology to develop materials suited to every application for superior temperature and wear resistance. When you’re ready to take on a repair job yourself, get the best parts available for your equipment by consulting our knowledgeable staff.

2 There’s a lot to be said for coupling quality with quantity. The best hydraulic seal available does you absolutely no good if it’s four days away. We maintain an extensive inventory of hydraulic seal kits for anything 1.5″ bore or larger. This is an effective way to keep our in-house repair service times to a minimum. But the biggest advantage is for those equipment owners who can quickly handle the task on their own with a readily available hydraulic seal kit.

3 Don’t jeopardize your productivity or the longevity of expensive equipment by purchasing the cheapest seal kits you can find on the internet. These outfits may be able to offer the lowest cost, but the price you pay in the long run will be considerably more. Any retailer can sell and ship you a box with the correct part number on it. R & N provides you with the right seal kit for your cylinder, because we’ve got decades of experience in the industry. And that expertise is the service you get every time you order from us.

Quality and availability are invaluable when you need new seals to service your hydraulics and get back on the job. But the process of replacing your hydraulic cylinder seals can be full of surprises. After disassembling your cylinder, you may find that its components are the true culprits and your maintenance project turns into a full repair job.

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