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An Ounce of Prevention — Save Time, Money with Hydraulic PM

Hydraulic repairs are a necessity for machinery with hydraulic systems, which are used in virtually every facet of modern industry, such as construction and agriculture.

While our team at R & N Hydraulics, Inc., provides a variety of hydraulic services, we recommend putting a permanent and consistent preventative, or proactive, maintenance (PM) schedule in place. The results are sure to show in your company’s bottom line.

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Avoid This Common Pitfall When Ordering Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic cylinder seals fail for a number of reasons, from just being worn out to bad specs and misuse. Regular leakage can be caused by a range of issues, the most common of which on new cylinders is incorrect fitting of the hydraulic seals.

An unfortunately common mistake when ordering hydraulic seal kits for replacing seals is using measurements from the old seals. There are a number of reasons why this is not the way to go.

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How Harnessing Hydraulics Has Changed Our World

The evolution of harnessing water power through hydraulics dates back as early as the use of irrigation in Mesopotamia. Today, custom hydraulics systems are used virtually everywhere, from “lowrider” cars to space shuttles.

Modern hydraulic design has been a revolutionary factor in all manner of machinery. And the experts at R & N Hydraulics are at the forefront of that revolution, offering custom hydraulics as well as being a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

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Avoid the #1 Cause of Hydraulic Failure

No matter how stringent you are about seal replacements or hydraulic cylinder repair, your equipment could still be at risk. Almost 3/4 of all hydraulic failure stems from contaminated or degraded fluid. Don’t let this silent culprit put your expensive gear at risk. Know the facts and do what’s best for the longevity of your machine.

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